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Our Erasmus+ Partners


   Publons is a website and free service aimed to collect information, analyze and showcase peer review and editorial contributions for academic journals. It was established in New Zeland in 2012 and is currently developing rapidly. In 2017, Publons was acquired by Clarivate Analytics, the owner of the Web of Science database and service. The Publons’ partners are Springer Nature, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, IOP Publishing, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, MDPI, The Royal Society and others.

This month Publons awarded the most active referees in the 2018-19 year working in various fields of science. Especially, the referees belonging to the groups of the 1% most active ones have been honored by Publions. It is our pleasure to inform that Publons has announced our colleague prof. dr. hab. Wiesław Leoński from the Institute of Physics UZ as belonging to the group "Top 1% in Cross-Field and in Physics (for the second year in a row)". His scientific interests concern the topics of widely understood quantum optics, quantum information theory, deterministic and quantum chaos.


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