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Our Erasmus+ Partners

Depending on your status you can study in Poland on various conditions:

A) on the same terms as Polish citizens if you:
   - have been granted a  permanent residence permit to settle in Poland,
   - are a holder of a valid Card of the Pole (in Polish: Karta Polaka)
  -  hold refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland,
  -  have been granted temporary protection in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
 -   immigrant employees with the citizenship of EU/Swiss Confederation/ EFTA , provided they are or have been previously employed in Poland and family members of such persons, provided that they reside in Poland,
  -  have been granted an EU long-term residents residence permit,
- are granted a temporary residence permit under circumstances referred to in the art. 127, art. 159 sec. 1 or art. 186 sec. 1 clause 3 or 4 of the Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners (in Polish: Ustawa o cudzoziemcach);
   - are an EU/Swiss Confederation/ EFTA  citizen or the family members of such citizen with the right of permanent residence.
 - are an EU/Swiss Confederation/ EFTA  citizen and have enough funds to support yourself in Poland
If you study on these terms doing full-time programmes at public higher education institutions you do it free of charge. You can also apply for various student financial support except maintenance grants, disability grants, hardship benefits in the last case

B) on terms applicable to foreigners  on the basis of rules determined by:
   - international agreements,
  - agreements concluded between a higher education institution and foreign entities,
  -  decision of the minister competent for higher education,
  -  decision of the rector of a higher education institution.

In this case foreign student can
- be awarded a scholarship by a Polish partner,
- study on a tuition fee-paying basis,
- study free of tuition fees and with no scholarship entitlement,
- be awarded a scholarship by the sending partner (for example your country or university), and free of tuition fees,
- be awarded a scholarship by Polish higher education institutions

C) on terms of  your choice provided
  - you are a holder of a valid Card of the Pole,
  -  you  are an EU/Swiss Confederation/ EFTA citizen with sufficient financial resources to fund their stay in Poland during studies .

In this case you choose if you wish to study on the terms applicable to Polish citizen or those applicable to foreigners

Scientific cooperation in the years 2016-2020