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Wydział Fizyki i Astronomii

Welcome to the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Institute of Physics
Institute of Astronomy


Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

ul. Prof. Z. Szafrana 4a

65-516 Zielona Góra

tel.: 68 328 28 78

fax: 68 328 28 80

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Our Erasmus+ Partners

• We have a high qualified scientific team offering academic education. The Polish Accreditation Committe assessed our Faculty as fourth academic faculty of physics in Poland in the category of scientific and creative achievements.

• We have very advantageous student-teacher ratio, therefore  we can take a good care of you. The Faculty is known of  fruitful  collaboration with students and warm atmosphere.

• We conduct teaching on all three academic degrees, including doctoral studies. We open possibilities of scientific collaboration with our students.

• You will be a part of multinational student community; our partner universities come from Czech Republic, Cyprus,  Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Malta, Spain, as well as Georgia, Ukraine, Vietnam.

• Zielona Góra is a beautiful, hospitable, middle-sized town, full of academic spirit.

• Zielona Góra offers variety of sport and cultural events. We have very talented Falubaz speedway and football teams and Stelmet BC basketball team, student clubs, awarded Big Band, theatre, symphonic orchestra, many cabaret groups and more!

• Costs of living and studying in Zielona Góra are relatively low, we understand that low prices and tuition fees are important for student budget.

Scientific cooperation in the years 2016-2020